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Maintaining of Your Wood Flooring With Wood Flooring Charlotte NC

If you have beautiful wood floors, you need to keep their tip-top shape. Keep in mind that simple cleaning is the key to the longevity of this flooring variant. But there are still key points for maintenance; that is why you should rely on our experts at Wood Flooring Charlotte NC. We have the expertise to take care of wood flooring and any other related services to keep it in the best condition.

To help you care for your hardwood flooring, follow these tips:

  • Clean Spills Right Away

    Avoid using wet or steam mops in wiping any spill on your wood floor, as it will cause more damage over time. Instead, use a dry or slightly damp cloth and wipe up the spill immediately. Wood swells and shrinks due to its moisture and in the air. So, it is essential to keep the humidity levels down to prevent wood cupping, splitting, and gapping. It would be best to clean up spills right away, keep your home’s temperature between sixty and eighty degrees Fahrenheit and your humidity between thirty and fifty percent, and do not allow wet shoes from the house to avoid these problems.

  • Always Sweep or Dust

    This is solid advice though it may seem excessive. Dust forms everywhere, even if you have a no-shoes policy in your home. The dust settles into the grain and between floorboards. And if you have pets around the house who shed all the time, consider it a hygiene issue.

  • Use Furniture Pads

    One of the most challenging issues to solve on wood floors is scratches. Some scratches may be inevitable, but some are preventable. One of the best ways to prevent scratches on your wood floor is to use furniture pads on the legs of your furniture, such as sofas, tables, chairs, and more.

  • Vacuum Every Week

    This might be laborious, but vacuuming your floor every week will clean your home and ensure any crumbs and dirt you missed while sweeping does not scratch your floors. But if you do not want to vacuum on your own, a Roomba is ideal for you.

  • Monthly Use Of Wood Floor Cleaner

    When choosing a product for a deeper clean, always opt for a wood floor cleaner that is gentle and does not have harsh chemicals. Chemicals applied to the surface will create hazing, which can build up over six months to a year, and it does not look good. Our Wood Flooring Charlotte NC experts advise not to use any products that say they will polish or shine or revitalize or rejuvenate the wood floor because you will be laying out a supplemental product. It will make your floor pretty for a short time, but it is not designed to wear.

  • Refinish Every 3-5 Years

    Eventually, your wood floor will start to look dull, and it will need recoating. You have to apply a new coat of wood floor finish to make your wood floor beautiful and bright again. Refinishing your floor will also add protection and will make it last longer. If you wonder how often you have to do this, it depends on you and your family’s lifestyle.

And to ensure excellent refinishing, it would be better to hire a professional, such as our Wood Floor NC experts, to handle the task.

Keep your hardwood floor beautiful and robust to make your home astonishing. Our Wood Flooring Charlotte NC experts have the knowledge and skill to keep a wood floor beautiful and sturdy. Our team uses quality products and proper tools to guarantee an excellent result.