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The benefits of concrete polishing in Charlotte NC from our experts

The floor can inevitably lose its shine and glow in the long run. Cracks, scratches, and fading of color are just a few of the common problems any structural building owners experience. The good thing is, Our experts provide all the necessary services for floor polishing, especially concrete polishing in Charlotte.

It would be best to polish your floor once in a while because it is a key denominator in restoring the floor's protective layer. When doing it to your floor, it also helps you observe and identify some possible problems that need to be fixed. Floors commonly used can get worn out and may lose their shine, so it is recommended to polish the areas with heavy traffic.

Suitable Equipment for Concrete Floor Polishing in Charlotte

Using your typical brush and mop to polish a concrete floor of your house or a commercial structure is not enough. You need suitable floor polishing equipment for more satisfying and effective results. Here are some of the best.

  • Grinder and Polisher
  • Grinding and Polishing Diamond Tools
  • Industrial Floor Vacuum
  • Hardening and Compacting Agents
  • Coloring Agents, Stains, and Dyes for the Floor Enhancement

The Processes Involved in Polishing a Concrete Floor

Removal of the old coat. It usually takes 3 to 4 times of grinding a concrete floor to remove all the stains, the existing coating, blemishes, and small holes. The usage of a grinder machine is needed in this procedure.

Grind the floor surface with a more delicate brush. The next step requires grinding the concrete floor with finer grits of polishing or lapping to bring out the surface's shine.

Cracks, cavities, and junctures are sealed. Part of the polishing process is applying a seal with epoxy or other semi-rigid fillers to cracks, cavities, and joints for an even look. The sealer helps make the concrete more dense and hard on the inside.

Application of commercial polishing. For concrete polishing in Charlotte, a commercial polish is applied to provide a more sheen of the floor. This process also helps clean residues left behind by the previous method and enables the floor to be resistant to dirt.

Wet or Dry polish. You can choose either your contractor using the wet or dry concrete floor polishing method for the last process. Dry polishing is the most selected choice because it is more convenient, faster, and good for the environment. While wet polish uses water to lubricate the grinding machine, however, after the process, it requires massive clean-up due to its residues.

Preparations for Floor Polishing in NC

You can make the floor polishers' work easier and faster by preparing the area to be polished in advance. Here are some preparation procedures that you need.

  • You remove the outer covering of the floor like floor carpet, mats, or any surface coverings.
  • Remove nails or any other sharp objects that are sticking out. Loose or damaged concrete tile can be fixed right away. 
  • Clear out the floor areas from any furniture, appliances, or house items that may cause hindrance and blockage. Cover these items with cloth or newspapers.
  • Cover all the outlets, air ducts, and other necessary electrical parts to avoid dust from penetrating inside.
  • Clean the floor. You can use the vacuum to remove all the dirt.

Concrete polishing in Charlotte is an effective way to bring back the beauty of your concrete floors. With all the advantages of our polishing services, you will truly get the best value for your money as we can provide all the necessary floor services you need. We do both residential and commercial floor services. Talk to one of our experts now.